The wonder,  the unbelievable, the magic Mont-St-Michel

Are you interested in Street Art or contem-porary art ? I am too !!! :)


And what about natural heritage ? (here, the Cezembre island)

In Rennes, follow me through the amazing collection of the Fine Arts Museum (Rubens, Véronèse, Picasso, Le Brun, and so on).

Welcome to Brittany, a land of legends and great history !

I'm a certified tourist guide and I'm specialized in East Brittany and Mont-St-Michel.

All year long, let me show you the most beautiful places here, from the Mont-St-Michel to Rennes, from Dinard to Saint-Malo, from Dinan to Dol-de-Bretagne, Fougères, and so on.






Saint-Malo, the "hornets nest" during the conflicts with English. Today, the "cité corsaire" for the tourists :) 

Rennes, the amazing capital of Brittany with its 2000 years of history.

Dol-de-Bretagne and its unique cathedral, built in one go during the XIIIth century.

Dinard : this seaside resort built in late XIXth century is incredible with its numerous and luxurious mansions. 

Exclusivity - SAINT-MALO


All the light we cannot see, the tour


Saint-Malo is where the novel mostly takes place. 

Have you read the book ?

Yes ?

No ?

Both answers are valid !

Follow me through the old privateer city, in the footsteps of Marie-Laure and Werner.

I will tell you the whole story. Only the end will not be revealed unless you insist...



Never mess with a tour guide ! We know places where no one will find you !