National Archeology days in Rennes :


An exceptional tour (in English) will take place on Sunday 17 June, at 10h.

We will follow the evidences of the medieval fortifications of Rennes, with the help of old maps and documents.

So, Grab your deerstalker and magnifying glass !

2 hours - Free



Welcome to Brittany !



Brittany or Armor is ‘the country near the sea’.


Its vast coastal region stretches from the mouth of the river Loire to the southern bank of the Baie du Mont Saint-Michel; it accounts for a third of France’s coastline.

Nearly 800 islands and islets are scattered off its shore.

Part of this coastline is a wild and untamed land of rocks, rugged coasts where earth and sea meet, a land swept by the winds and the sea spray.

It is also bordered with stunning harbours such as the affluent fortress of Saint-Malo.

You’ll also find fishing ports such as Cancale, the Breton capital of oysters.

Trendy seaside resorts such as Dinard on the Côte d’Emeraude or Perros-Guirec on the Côte de Granite Rose, attract millions of tourists each year.

Brittany or Argoat ‘the wooded country’, inland, is a land of moors and mysterious forests inhabited by fairies and legendary heroes.

The magical Forest of Brocéliande (Forêt de Paimpont) is the setting of the Arthurian legend, the domain of Merlin the Wizard, the Fairy Vivian and Morgan le Fay.

The region’s exceptional architectural heritage includes among others stunning medieval walled cities such as Dinan, Dol-de-Bretagne and Vannes.

You’ll discover also the historical cities of Brest, Lamballe, Quimper or Rennes.


The region’s natural beauty and many archaeological, legendary and historical sites will leave you with completely unique memories



Brittany is poetry .........

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